//Top 5 Weirdest Love And Marriage Customs Around The World

Top 5 Weirdest Love And Marriage Customs Around The World

There are many love and marriage customs around the world that we might or might not aware of. Some countries have similarities in customs, some are unique, and some are just weird depending on the way how other countries see it. These rituals are already part of their heritage, which are believed that once followed, the lovers will find eternal joy with each other. Whatever customs it might be, there is only one main reason why countries practice it and it is as a wish for long lasting love and marriage.

A traditional wedding follows some interesting customs. For example, the American traditional wedding customs consist of wearing of something old, barrowed and new up to tossing of bouquet. This is already an ordinary wedding custom which not only Americans practice but also some other countries as well. But what all of us do not know is that there are countries that have their own love and wedding customs which are seemingly weird for most.

If you are curious, here are the top 5 weirdest love and marriage customs around the world that you may not aware of;

China – Bullseye

In Yugur’s customary beliefs, during the wedding ceremony, a groom should shoot his bride with a bow and arrow for several times. After shooting, the groom will collect the arrows and break them. Why? To ensure that their love and marriage will last forever.

Scotland – Blackening of the Bride

This pre-wedding tradition in Scotland looks very nasty but is believed could make the bride stronger, withstands all forthcoming trials of a married life, and can cast away evil spirits. The bride will be pelted with different kinds of rubbish, tar, spoiled food, molasses, feathers, and so much more. The bride will then be tied around a tree, or will parade around the town not for embarrassment but for good wishes.

China – Crying for the Groom

Crying for the groom before the wedding maybe off to some brides because why would they do that? They are supposed to be pampering and doing beauty routine for themselves to make sure they look beautiful before their wedding bells. But in Tujia’s tradition, brides are required to cry for an hour, every day, for a month immediately before their wedding ceremony. After ten days from the start of the ritual, their mothers will join them in crying, and will be soon joined by their grandmothers. This practice is not because the bride is in sorrow but because she is happy of getting married.

India – Marrying a Tree


Indians believe in astrological combinations. Once an Indian woman was born under the 7th house, she is being tagged as Mangliks or “cursed”. A woman who is a Mangliks is likely to believe will cause an early death to her husband. To counteract the “curse”, the Indian woman must first marry a tree. Then, the tree will be cut down after the ceremony. This ritual is said to break the curse free.

Korea – Beating of the groom’s feet

In Korean tradition, the groom’s feet have to be beaten by his and the bride’s family with a fish or a cane before his first night as a husband. This ritual is said to test the strength and endurance of the groom before the big night. But, how will you enjoy the big night if your feet are already sore?


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