//Top 6 Masturbation Techniques In The History

Top 6 Masturbation Techniques In The History

Understanding fully the anatomy of your penis and vagina will give you the most pleasurable masturbation ever. Knowing which part of your vagina or penis is more sensitive when touched is the key to orgasm. 

Men are more open to the discussion of masturbation, but women are somewhat aloft when discussing it. Since men are more open to it, many would say that men enjoy it the most. What we don’t know is that women enjoy it too and can do more masturbation techniques than men. And in the history, women are more prone to masturbation than man because of its health and fertility purposes.

There are masturbation techniques that are already old aged but are still being practiced up to now because of their effectiveness to produce orgasm. These techniques differ from each other and on how they can increase libido.

Here are the top six masturbation techniques in the history that may educate you:

Humping and grinding

This technique is applicable to both male and female. A female can use her pillow, blanket, or bed by rubbing her clit and labia onto them. This will stimulate their clit and labia until libido rises. A male can also stack up pillows and bolster to place his dick in between the slit opening. This may require a lot of work, but still does the job up to now.

Shower Head Masturbation

This method is being used by woman for many decades now. It’s a hands off masturbation technique that feels incredibly good and relaxing. The flow of the water once direct towards your vagina can help you get off very quickly.


Jelqing is an ancient masturbation technique being done to enlarge penis. A force, squeeze, and stroke are done to allow the blood flows in the penis to make it harder and larger. This technique is believed to have originated from the Middle East. Up until now, jelqing is being done by many men as a foreplay or masturbation alone.


Believe it or not, in the early days, vibrators are already been used as a masturbation tool of women. Back during the days of Cleopatra, bees and snakes are being used as vibrators. There are rumors which says Cleopatra’s first vibrator was a hollowed-out gord filled with bees. Electromechanical vibrators were produced after which were sold as blood stimulators for woman. Long gone those days when vibrators are only used for special health concern because people can now use it for pleasure and orgasm.

Pelvic Massage

Pelvic massage is a technique used to cure health issues such as hysteria, PCOS, and hormonal imbalance. Back to the days, pelvic massage was used to treat woman suffering from psychological illness. It increases blood flow and stagnation. Doctors masturbate their patients to bring them to the state of hysterical paroxysm or what we call now as orgasm. But today, pelvic massage is being done to arouse the woman before sex.


The oldest dildo was found in Germany that is approximately 30,000 years ago. The reason why it was discovered that early people used dildos was because of their discovered artifacts such as olisbokollikes (a penis-shaped loaves), handcrafted cock, and many more. Dildos before were not as pleasurable as today, that is why they used olive oils to help smoothen their early dildos.

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